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Corporate Projects

If you have a company or business that needs to work on the road, we have the perfect solution for you! We will happily work with you in designing a fit-out and body if it's applicable that will suit you and your clients perfectly. Down to the smallest detail we will produce your fit-out specifically for your line of work. We have worked closely with many companies and business in the past giving them a truly industry specific product that is both practical and easy to operate. We can cater to a long list of specification requirements with thousands of suppliers at our finer tips. We are more than willing to step out of the box and go out of our way for inclusions and special requirements. That may include and often does under these circumstances special equipment and components specific to your line of work. We will work closely with you and the suppliers to make sure everything is installed and fitted working to its fullest potential. This includes us doing extensive research on all aspects including: Installation, operation, modifications, options servicing and repairs. 
 A few examples of the industries we have catered for are: Marketing & Promotional, Catering and food vending, Retail, Medical and veterinary, Luxury tours and Limousine travel and high spec corporate rentals.  Please feel free to click on the Gallery button below that will link you with example photos of some of our past works. 

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