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With over 20 years in the Motorhome and Campervan industry.

Innovating, researching and developing various kinds of motor-homes campervans and specialty vehicles is what Jacana does best. 
Jacana has a 15 year history in the marine (boat building) industry which assisted with developing new techniques for motor-homes. 
The boat building history involved building motor cruisers, yachts and sports boats which we were award winning for Jacana's proprietors.  


This ground work has been a cornerstone and foundation for the quality, versatility and reliability of Jacana's range of campervans and motorhomes

Giving Back

LOVE THE Campervan and Motorhome LIFE

Traveling in your own Campervan or Motorhome allows you to live your fullest dream life!

Living in an Motorhome full-time or even just taking a little road trip in your camper van from time to time allows  you to indulge in what is sure to be the experience and adventure of a lifetime, you'll love it.


You'll meet many great people, make awesome friends on the road,  explore so many amazing places, and do all of this comfortably from your home on wheels. Even your pets can be happy traveling this way!

Seriously, life couldn't be any better living the campervan or motorhome  life.

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