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Seeker LWB

The LWB Seeker offers all the MWD features and more. The extra floor length lets you add an extra dinette at the front of the ensuite. This allows for extra passengers, a permanent dinette which converts to a bed or a convenient working station. the enerdrive power system can be upgrades to suit most power needs.

Seeker MWB

Jacana have chosen the VW Crafter MWB as the vehicle for their SEEKER model. You can choose either 4 MOTION or FWD.  Our standard feature of sleep pods allow east west sleeping. This gives enough floor space for an ensuite or 4 seater options. Other stand feature include and enerdrive power system, quality fit out and fittings.


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medium wheel base

Specifications and Pricing MWB

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long wheel base

Specifications and Pricing LWB

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