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Jacana and VW have teamed up to produce this new Seeker. This vehicle has a full size double bed which you can sleep east/west to save space internally. There is an option for the loft bed to lift to the ceiling and create a toy or equipment hauling van. We can also offer the Seeker in 4 Motion for versatility. 

Compact Luxury 

  • Sleeps two adults in permanent bed

  • Option for lift up bed for toy hauler or load space

  • Space saving spoilers to sleep east/west

  • Turn around passenger seat to form dinette

  • 4 Motion option available

  • Quality marine fit-out


seeker 1.JPG

medium wheel base

seeker LWB.JPG

long wheel base


Pricing and specifications to be added soon
we are waiting for VW new pricing and availability

Are you interested in the Seeker?

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