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Jacana has chosen Iveco for  the all new Peak Range. We include in this fit out the signatory east west bed with sleep pods. The Peak will soon be available in 4x4, but currently medium or long wheel base 2wd  are the models available.

Our standard model comes with a toilet and shower cubicle and all the favorite inclusions.

6110L x 2010W x 2700H MWB

7300L x 2010W x 2700H LWB

All you need

  • Sleeps two adults in permanent bed

  • There is a large void in the rear  to easy access your equipment and a clever opening at the front of bed for long articles. This can be closed. Draws are an option.

  • Space saving spoilers to sleep east/west

  • Turn around passenger seat to form dinette

  • 4x4 option available Soon

  • Quality marine fit-out



MWB 2 Seater.png

medium wheel base 2seater

medium wheel base 4 seter

MWB 4 Seater.png
LWB 4 seater
LWB 2 seater  twin beds


MWB Specification and pricing
Specifications and pricing

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