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No matter what you need for your RV....Jacana can get it and fit it for you. Fridges freezers, accessories, electrical, 4 x 4 parts, hardware, heaters, stoves and ovens or washing machines. 


We know how upset you can feel when something goes wrong with your pride and joy... and we are committed to help you get back on the road painlessly and as quickly as possible. 

Our service for insurance works and repairs to motor homes or caravans will get things back under control so that you can continue to enjoy your adventures...

We have you covered for all the major and minor insurance companies and have been doing so for 20 years!


We have a great local reputation with all types of vans, motor homes and caravans. Our  workmanship is second to none. If you would like us to asses and carry out some insurance repairs just  let us know.  We would be more than happy to correspond with your insurance company on your behalf to take the frustration out of it! 
Not covered under insurance?... or need repairs done that are not covered in your policy? We will gladly help you fix any problems to the highest standard at a reasonable price! We will discuss the options with you to help you decide on the best outcome.

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