You can buy off the showroom floor, have one built to a standard design or have one custom built. The best motorhome for you will vary, depending on your preferred lifestyle needs, intended travel plans, experience level, budget and need for creature comforts. So initially you should do a bit of research and decide on the type of motorhome you really want. It's important that you get this right! At Jacana Motorhomes, we'll talk you through it, help and guide you if necessary.


If you're sure that you are after a custom fit out of your existing vehicle,

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If you want a new camper van, motorhome or motor-coach , read on to find out more about our new vehicle range.

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New models of the Crafter vans are taking the world by storm! The new vans equipped with 4 Motion. With the recent popularity of tiny homes and the 'on road' lifestyle, these new camper vans are a superb option and provide all the comfort and practical features you need.

Hiker  by Jacana

Jacana and Toyota have this amazing and super efficient vehicle on offer. Special space saving innovations make this a great compact choice without compromising on features. 

IMG_2021 int 5.JPG
Rear Draws Closed.JPG
Seeker  by Jacana
Seeker van header photo.JPG

Jacana and VW have teamed up to produce this new and popular Seeker. Very versatile floor plan allows for convertible spaces. 

We can also offer the Seeker in 4 Motion. 

Seeker dinett.JPG
Galley (2).jpg

Envy by Jacana

IMG_near side front.JPG

Jacana and  Mercedes have produced the all new Envy. This verstile and compact vehicle will take you anywhere you want to go in comfort and style.


The Envy is available in 4x4, medium or long wheel base.

Envy Internal
Rear storage space
Jacana Strip.JPG