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Jacana has teamed up with Mercedes to produce the all new Envy. The design has a full size double bed which you can sleep east/west to save space internally. There is  an option for the loft bed to lift to the ceiling and create a toy or equipment hauling van. The Envy is available in 4x4, medium or long wheel base.

Versatile & compact 

  • Sleeps two adults in permanent bed

  • Option for lift up bed for toy hauler or load space

  • Space saving spoilers to sleep east/west

  • Turn around passenger seats to form dinette

  • 4x4 option available

  • Quality marine fit-out



medium wheel base 2seater

envy 2.JPG

long wheel base 4 seater


New Specs and Pricing will be available soon.

These will include the new Mercedes All Wheel Drive.

Are you interested in the Envy?

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