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Jacana Mountaineer.

Have you decided Australia is the best place to explore and holiday over the next few years?

Are you ready and waiting to go?

Have a look at our new model "Mountaineer" based on the Ford Ranger 4 x 4.

The Mountaineer is built in our factory in Taree NSW. The we have designed it for travel in Australia. Our reason for these Features include-

Constructed from FRP exterior panels over aluminium frame and fully insulated for the Australian Climate.

We have built it with a pop top. This minimizes the high weight of a full body swaying as you drive over uneven ground causing unnecessary body roll. The pop top also gives great ventilation and views out the windows giving an open and pleasant living atmosphere.

An angled exit at rear reduces the risk of drag as you go through the dips and hollows along your adventure.

A walk through to the cabin allows for easy access with out having to go out in the weather.

Your choice of twin single beds or a double mattress in the sleep cabin.

Craftsmen constructed with quality and a personal touch.

Ford reliability, maintenance and parts are readily available.

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