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Winter - That crazy time of year where the sun can be shining but we are covered head to toe in our winter woollies.

Nothing beats pulling into your favourite camping spot where there is free space around you to spread out, channeling our inner Darryl Kerrigan “HOW’S THE SERENITY? SO MUCH SERENITY”

It is a great time to explore the open road in your new camper, get into the spots you wouldn't be able to during the warmer months

Here at Jacana we have another full workshop of vans getting fitted out. We have two builds ready to go to their new owners over the next couple of weeks, we cant wait to show the completed jobs on our socials

As you may know Vehicles are hard to come by, We are lucky here to have a great relationship with our dealers to capture what we can to allow our customers to get on the road in a new van.


Long time followers will know we have 2 body models for our Toyota Hiace Hiker;

Long wheel base & Super long wheel base / Standard vehicle & 4x4 from the team at Bus 4x4.

The big news is, we have a new model coming on scene, We have appropriately named her 'Hiker X' - she is the middle sister of the crew, comes with everything you would want from our Hiker with the enhanced drivability.

'Hiker X' will sit in the middle of the models with the inclusion of a 100mm lift kit, upgraded springs & Suspension, E-Locker for rear differential and to top her off - Alloy 17inch Wheels.

One of our recent customers Glen has taken delivery of a Hiker with the lift kit, he believes the lift kit has enhanced the drivability of the Hiace beyond the standard.

If you are looking for a new van, please give us a call, spaces are booking up for the end of the year & leading into 2023.

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