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Jacana's newest model is taking shape

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Jacana have been working towards 2020 to release 4 new models which 3 are now in production.Take a sneak peek at the new merchandise:

1. Hiker pop top based on the Toyota Hiace van

2. Seeker based on the VW Crafter van

3. Envy based on the Sprinter van and we are also working on our prototype Ford Ranger pop top with fixed rear body and walk through to cab ( 4 Bee ). This model can also be made on the new Toyota Hilux if required.

The first three new van models are on our web site and we have some photos of the new 4 Bee in production to show you. We also have the front nose cone under construction which we will include in the next blog.

Steel sub frame rubber mounted to chassis.

Side wall aluminium welded frames:

Galley install taking place:

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